Order payments in EUR


Information about the possibility of paying for service orders by bank transfer to a Slovak bank account in EUR.

For all our hosting services we offer the possibility of payment by bank transfer to our account in the Slovak bank Fio.

Ordering and payment in EUR

If you want to take advantage of this option, order the service in the normal way.

There is no need to select a currency when ordering. After ordering, you will receive a payment invitation, which contains instructions for payment in CZK to a Czech bank and also details for payment in EUR to a Slovak bank. You will receive your tax receipt and invoice in the currency in which you paid.

Online payments (PayPal, credit card and others) are made in CZK only.

Extension of service

If you have previously set up a service with us, paid in CZK and now want to pay the renewal by bank transfer in Slovakia in EUR, you do not need to do anything again, you will receive a payment invitation with all options in CZK and EUR

Further information and restrictions

  • When paying in EUR , please pay the exact amount as stated in the payment request. Do not convert the price in CZK according to some exchange rate. The exact amount must be received in our account, otherwise the system will not accept the payment.
  • If you want to pay for your order online (e.g. by credit card or PayPal), leave it in CZK.
  • For the time being, the deposit account will continue to operate only in CZK, it can only be recharged by payment in CZK and only orders in CZK can be paid. The option to keep a deposit account in EUR will be added later.
  • The commission system will keep all commissions in CZK for now, commissions from orders in EUR will be converted according to the current daily exchange rate before crediting.