New domains on offer: BIZ and NAME


As of today it is possible to register and re-register domains with .biz and .name ending with us. This way we have a complete offer of the most popular gTLDs. What other domains are we planning in the future?

It has been possible to register a .BIZ domain with us for longer, but it has not been official yet.

The current price list of our domains looks as follows:

TLDprice without VATprice with VAT
.CZ140 CZK168 Kč
.EU100 CZK120 CZK
.BIZ145 CZK174 Kč
.COM140 CZK168 Kč
.INFO135 CZK162 Kč
.NET115 CZK138 Kč
.ORG145 CZK174 Kč

The prices are for a 1-year registration or for re-registration with a 1-year extension.

The price of all domains is, of course:

  • DNS record keeping with full IPv6 support
  • web hosting in Miniweb variant
  • user-friendly administration interface
  • 24-hour customer support
  • 8 payment methods – bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Mojeplatba, ePlatby, mMoney, superCASH, GoPay wallet, deposit account

You can always find the current range of services and prices on our website

Why do we offer so few domains and when will there be more?

We still get questions why we offer so few domain extensions, unlike other registrars.

We only want to offer domains that can and will be fully automated. Thanks to this, the customer can “click” all things related to the domain himself and all changes are online. This is the only reason we can offer domains at such low prices.

We don’t want to register everything and dazzle you with the number of available terminals. We want the domains we offer to work perfectly automated and make life easier for everyone involved.

That’s why we haven’t yet offered the domain .SK. It’s a lot of hassle, paperwork and very difficult to automate. We would have a lot of work to do with it, so we would not be able to offer it at the prices you are used to. However, it is clear to us that we will not be able to avoid .SK, but we can’t say yet when that will be.