New direct connection to LINX strengthens our WEDOS Global infrastructure


After a few weeks of planning and testing, yesterday 31. On August 2023, they successfully implemented peering to one of the most important Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) on the planet – LINX (London Internet Exchange).

What is IXP and peering?

Peering is an agreement between two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that allows their network traffic to pass directly between them without having to go through a third party.

This direct data transfer can increase the speed and reliability of your internet connection, as the data does not have to travel as far or across other different networks. It can also reduce costs, as both parties can avoid fees they might otherwise pay to third parties for data transfer.

Peering usually takes place on the so-called. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where many ISPs can link their networks together.

LINX is one of the largest IXPs worldwide. Located in the heart of Europe, in London, it serves many of the largest ISPs and cloud giants. On average, 5.5 Tb of data flows through it per second. Specifically, the LINX LON1 link we connected to has a monthly average of 4.6 Tbps and 706.3 million packets per second.

This interconnection gives us direct access to these huge networks, which brings us a number of technical advantages.

Thanks to the direct connection to LINX, data does not have to “jump” so much across different servers and networks, which leads to a significant reduction in response time. Visitors who connect through these networks will find that websites load faster. It’s also key for response-intensive applications that use, for example, APIs to update data in real time.

The direct link to LINX allows us to better monitor traffic, detect and block cyber attacks in real time. WEDOS Global Protection uses this advantage to filter and deter potential threats.

Direct connections often mean lower costs for the data transferred, which helps us keep prices low for services built on WEDOS Global.

This merger is the next step in expanding our WEDOS Global infrastructure, which is the cornerstone to putting our Anycast DNS at the forefront of both speed and reliability.

Currently, WEDOS Global Anycast DNS:

  • TOP 25 in the world
  • TOP 10 in Europe
  • TOP 30 in North America (this is an extremely competitive environment)
  • TOP 20 in Australia and Oceania
  • Top 20 in Asia (this region is extremely difficult because many countries have specific laws, ISPs often don’t “talk” to each other, etc.)
  • TOP 20 in Africa

For us, Europe is the priority at the moment. We would like to be among the top 5 providers. A direct link to one of the largest and most respected IXPs in the world is the next step towards this goal. But more will follow.

We are currently working on Sweden, Finland (FICIX), Norway and Denmark. In Amsterdam (Netherlands) we arrange the connection to the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), which is also one of the largest exchange points in the world. We are gradually discussing the connection to,, Many others are in the process.