Launched API interface


Today we have publicly launched our WAPI interface, which allows direct connection to our system, especially for interested sub-registrars who want to register and manage a large number of domains.

API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface designed for communication between applications. It is actually similar to a user interface, except that instead of people it is used by other programs and communication can be limited to transmitting the necessary information in the simplest possible format.

The WAPI (WEDOS API) is therefore used to control our services directly from your information system. All payments are deducted from the deposit account, so there is no need to wait for anything.

A condition for using this interface is the use of a deposit account from which payments for registrations, renewals, re-registrations and other fees are deducted.

The API is under test – it should be fully functional, but if you encounter any problems, please let us know. We also accept your ideas and comments on how to improve it.

Using the interface

The WAPI interface currently allows:

  • information on the credit balance in the imprest account
  • domains CZ – availability, registration, renewal, DNS change, list
  • poll front

More commands and support for other domain extensions are in the works.

How to get started

In our knowledge base you will find a detailed introduction and documentation for all available commands, including communication examples. A simple example in PHP is also available.

To use the WAPI interface, you must first activate it. Activation and setup is done in customer center in the customer tab under the WAPI interface menu item.

All commands must be authorised by your username (the same as the one you use to log in to the customer centre) and the so called. “WAPI password” (this password is different from the customer login password).

Next, you need to set which IP addresses you will connect to the WAPI interface from. You can specify a list of IP addresses separated by a space, or you can also specify the IP address prefix (e.g. ‘10.11.12.’ – queries from IP addresses – will be accepted).

What we are preparing

  • support for EU, COM, NET, ORG and INFO domains (now only CZ)
  • working with contacts
  • domain re-registration
  • DNS control
  • web hosting control
  • …and more