IPv6 on web hosting and server hosting


IPv6 for web hosting, virtual and dedicated servers is already fully operational. Feel free to activate.

Web hosting

All web hosting servers support IPv6 and from now on you can activate it in the customer administration.

Activation means that we will also put the appropriate AAAA records in the DNS records of the domain. By default it is disabled because not every application written in PHP is IPv6 compatible, so it might not work properly. It is therefore up to the customer whether to enable this option.

More detailed information and activation procedure in the Knowledge Base: Webhosting and IPv6

Virtual and dedicated servers

Each server hosting service (virtual or dedicated server) is assigned 65535 IPv6 addresses, which the customer can assign to the server and use them. The customer can find out the specific shape of IPv6 addresses in the customer administration in the details of the respective service.

More detailed information and instructions on how to configure Linux: Server Hosting and IPv6

It is now possible to edit reverse records (for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses) assigned to the server – more about reverse records.