IPv6 network in operation, looking for guinea pigs


As of yesterday, IPv6 is already fully functional in our network and connectivity to the Internet via 2 routes and 2 connectivity providers. The official launch of IPv6 for hosting services will not be until January, but we are already receiving applications from those who want to try it out in advance.

Our entire network already fully supports IPv6. Our IPv6 addresses(2a02:2b88::/32) are advertised to the world via 2 independent routes through 2 connectivity providers – Master Internet and Kaora. Our third connectivity provider – SuperHosting – does not offer IPv6 peering yet.

You can test the availability of our network via IPv6 e.g. ping/traceroute to one of our DNS servers: 2a02:2b88:1:1::2

Now all that remains is to roll out all services over IPv6:

  • virtual and dedicated servers – there is nothing to solve, we assign our customers IPv6 addresses and advise them how to set them up on their network interface
  • webhosting – we need to thoroughly test WWW and FTP server over IPv6, then we allow them to set IPv6 address of webhosting server at their domain
  • DNS – our DNS system already supports AAAA records, but the servers themselves are not yet available over IPv6

Testing period

We will not officially launch IPv6 for all our services until January. However, if any of our customers are interested in IPv6 now, please contact us and become our guinea pig. Interested parties need not worry, we do not foresee any problems, everything works as it should. But we’ll let it sit for a few weeks to let any imperfections come to the surface before we offer it to everyone.

Transfer graphs

Of course, we are closely monitoring the statistics of IPv6 traffic … but there is nothing to monitor except our experiments, so maybe in time 🙂