Introduction of the commission system


One of the tools to promote our hosting services will be a commission system. Participants of this system, which can be anyone, will be rewarded for displaying advertisements for our products with up to 50% commission on orders placed.

The commission system brings the possibility of earning money for the mediation of orders. You just need to place an advertising area on your WWW pages, on which we will display advertisements for our services and products, or place a link (according to your own imagination). For every order that is placed by a customer who comes through an ad or link on your site, you will receive a portion of our sales. The customer can place an order with us up to 90 days after the first visit (through your site) and you get a commission.

For hosting services (web hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS and other options) we plan to offer a commission up to 50% of payments for 1. year of service operation. The offer will also include commissions for domain registration promotion.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a simple or extensive site. The commission system is designed for everyone who has their own WWW pages – individuals, non-business people and entrepreneurs.

Our commission system has been in operation for more than a year and successfully promotes the products of our sister company WEDOS, a.s.:

For more information, please visit the WEDOS commission system website