IMAGE: Laying a double floor


These days the installation of the double floor is in progress. First we started by taking the material off the truck. Follow the progress of the work day by day with us.

In this article we will inform you day by day about the installation process of the double floor, every day we will bring you up-to-date photos and we will also prepare a video.

Don’t forget that there is a webcam running continuously in the premises, so maybe you can spy on us and watch how the work is progressing.

Installation is carried out by Konstruktis-Delta s.r.o. (

Tuesday 10.8.2010

Early in the morning a truck arrived with a load of floorboards. After a long delay while waiting for the forklift, we gradually stacked 13 pallets and several packs of glue and moved all the material inside within an hour and a half. Subsequently, the contractor’s staff arrived and unloaded other necessary items – steel stands, iron beams and tools. They managed to get part of the floor laid by tonight and should be done by Friday.

Wednesday 11.8.2010

The work continues. It’s going faster than we expected, the gentlemen are assembling tirelessly. Most of the flooring in more than half of the main hall has already been done. However, this is the easiest job, the more complex work will be cutting the edge plates to size, stairs, ramp, etc.

Thursday 12.8.2010

The floor installation is proceeding as planned. Today, a saw (see photo gallery) was also involved in the work, which is used to cut the edge boards, which must exactly copy the shape of the wall to fit perfectly (they are then glued to the wall). It is also necessary to make differently cut plates that belong around columns, corners of walls, etc.

Friday 13.8.2010

Among other things, work on the stairs and access ramps has begun.

Saturday 14.8.2010

Most of the edge plates completed, stairs and entrance ramp completed.

Sunday 15.8.2010

All edge boards cut and laid, finishing touches.