IMAGE: Concrete Day


Saturday 24.7.2010 was marked by the concreting of the floor. It rained continuously all day, but we were sheltered in the premises of the emerging datacenter.

The aim of the day was to lay iron nets and concrete with an average height of 8 cm on an area of 280 m2. It is a bit oversized (it is said that this is the way to pour concrete in areas heavily loaded with trucks), but the structural engineer wanted it that way. At least we’ll be sure the floor will be good and we won’t fall in.

The operation was attended by:

  • employees of the construction company SURA & CO s.r.o.(, which helped us to organize the whole event
  • CANDRMRK betonárka, a.s. (– concrete supplier
  • AA Beton(– concrete laying
  • concrete pump and its operator from CONMIX s.r.o. (
  • traffic signs provided by the Local Economy Company Hluboká nad Vltavou
  • …and other helpers

Thank you all for a perfectly orchestrated operation.

Now the concrete will be dry for many weeks, but in just 2 days we can enter it and continue with other activities. In 14 days it will be the turn of Konstruktis-Delta s.r.o. to install the double floor .