Hosting News November 2010


What happened in October and what’s new for November? We have launched virtual servers (VPS), offer additional domains, give free traffic when switching with web hosting from competitors

We bring you a monthly summary of the latest information and news about our services – domains, web hosting and server hosting.

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New – virtual servers

Those interested in VPS have finally arrived – from 1.11. we set up ordered virtual servers. Virtual servers are sold in modules. 1 module = 15 GB HDD + 512 MB RAM. The price of one module is 100 CZK per month (without VAT). You can choose monthly billing (10% surcharge) and annual billing (no surcharge).

When ordering, you can choose the following pre-installed operating systems (no price increase):

  • CentOS 5.5
  • Fedora Core 13
  • Debian 5.0.6
  • openSUSE 11.3
  • Ubuntu 10.10

Another option is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter in the Czech or English version, the price for the license is 50 CZK / 1 module / month. Due to system requirements, at least 2 modules must be ordered with Windows.

All of these operating systems are only a basic installation and do not include any additional software. Their further installation and configuration is fully in the customer’s control.

Further information: Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

News in web hosting

  • For customers who switch to our web hosting from a competitor, we offer a free period equal to twice the remaining prepaid period with the competitor(more about free web hosting when switching from a competitor).
  • We have introduced a trial period of 7 days. Within 7 days of setting up, you can cancel the web hosting for any reason and we will refund your money. So you can try our webhosting without any obligation, test the operation of your application on it, etc.(more about the trial period)
  • We have introduced an additional service of unlimited number of aliases. For 55 CZK per month, you can run different websites for an unlimited number of domains on one web hosting with us. This is a form of multihosting. (more about multihosting)
  • At the request of our customers we added mysqli and soap modules to PHP

Domain News

  • We have added to our offer the possibility of registration and maintenance of .ORG and .INFO domains, both for an annual fee of 135 CZK ( excluding VAT)
  • The .EU and .COM domains are currently in action. You can get a .EU domain for 100 CZK per year, a .COM domain for 150 CZK per year (prices are without VAT)
  • We have launched APIs that offers customers with a large number of domains direct access to our registration system. Allows you to register online. We are preparing support for other domain actions, the new version will be available in mid-November.
  • There is a quick domain registration form in the customer administration. It serves customers who register a large number of domains, use our backup account and understand the system of domain owner contacts.

What we are preparing

  • CentOS LAMP package for virtual servers – it is a pre-installed CentOS system with Apache web server, PHP language and MySQL database server. For this purpose, the Webmin administration interface is installed. This package will be free with VPS.
  • Cron for web hosting – periodic execution of a script in your site. The shortest interval will be 1 hour, max. 3 records. For an additional fee, it will be possible to have more calls and at shorter intervals.
  • We are working on the launch dedicated servers , so far we expect to launch in the second half of November. We will soon publish the specific options and prices offered.