Hosting News June 2011


A regular summary of the latest information, news and enhancements to our hosting services and information on things coming up

  • Where do we stand 9 months after the launch of our services? Currently (20.6.) we have 6150 active web hosts, 850 VPS, 20 dedicated servers and 20600 domains under our management.
  • We are currently running a FREE WEBHOSTING YEAR promotion. If you order and pay for a new web hosting during this event, you will get an extra 1 year free. So you get 2 years of web hosting for the price of one. The promotion is valid until further notice, at least until the end of June.
  • All year long we are competing for a Škoda Octavia. All customers who order and pay for a new service with us by 19.12.2011 are entered into the draw (also applies to domain re-registrations).

News in web hosting

  • A new additional service is available Increased space for emails – 5 GB space increase (above the default 5 GB). The package can be ordered multiple times up to a total of 55 GB.
  • New extensions – ImageMagick, imap, ionCube Loader and XSL– are now available on all web hosting servers.

DNSSEC support for domains

Since 15.6.2011 it is possible to activate DNSSEC technology for CZ domains for which we are the registrar.

DNSSEC is a technology that uses electronic signatures to verify the origin of data in DNS records. It prevents an attacker from being able to spoof DNS records and thus, for example, make you a fake. direct you to fraudulent WWW sites.

We expect DNSSEC to be deployed in the second half of July. For the time being, we offer DNSSEC technology only for CZ domains and only for those for which we are the registrar. Later we will offer DNSSEC also for EU and gTLD domains (August at the earliest).

The use of DNSSEC and any changes to its settings are and will be completely free of charge.

What DNSSEC is and how it works – A gentle introduction to this technology without technical details.

Current price list of domains

We have newly added .BIZ and .NAME domains to our offer – these can now be registered with us and transferred to us (price list below).

We still offer extremely low domain prices – for everyone and without hidden conditions and fees.

 price without VATprice with VAT
.CZ140 CZK168 Kč
.EU100 CZK120 CZK
.BIZ145 CZK174 Kč
.COM140 CZK168 Kč
.INFO135 CZK162 Kč
.NAME200 CZK240 Kč
.NET115 CZK138 Kč
.ORG145 CZK174 Kč

The prices are for a 1-year registration or for re-registration with a 1-year extension.

The price of all domains is, of course:

  • DNS record keeping with full IPv6 support
  • web hosting in Miniweb variant
  • user-friendly administration interface
  • 24-hour customer support
  • 8 payment methods – bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Mojeplatba, ePlatby, mMoney, superCASH, GoPay wallet, deposit account

News in server hosting

  • For better orientation, VPS and dedicated servers can be freely named in the customer administration.

What we are preparing

  • We are preparing the possibility to pay orders in EUR to an account in Slovakia, we expect to launch in the first half of August.
  • We are planning to support HTTPS for web hosting, we are currently thinking and discussing possible options. We will subsequently publish the forthcoming offer for public discussion.
  • Customers will be able to change some PHP configuration values for web hosting – e.g. display_errors, register_globals, magic_quotes_gpc and others (we expect to launch in July).