Every fifth .eu domain in the Czech Republic is with WEDOS


Today we received a regular email from EURid about how we did in September 2018. 499 new registrations and the number of .eu domains we are taking care of for you is already 30.232. But what we are most pleased about is that we have a 19.7% share in the Czech Republic.

If we take the liberty of rounding off the 0.3%, we can say that every fifth .eu domain in the Czech Republic is registered in our country.

The .eu domain is the second most popular domain that we register and host. In first place is .cz, of which we have 232,715 under management, which is about 17.65%. The third is .com 20.242 (about 0.0149% worldwide :))

Screenshot is from our internal administration called Hnědka. With it, we can take care of your services and also handle all your customer requests, of which there are hundreds every day. We can talk about her next time.