Do you want to test VPS for a week for free?


We are not resting on our laurels and are testing new services. Now we are preparing a new service and we need to test the hardware performance in a real environment. Do you want to join the 100 testers and get a free VPS with 4 GB RAM for a week?

Updated on 10. 3. 2014

Tests continue from 10. 3. 2014 to 17. 3. 2014 (inclusive).

We are still testing 4 modules, but in the meantime we have increased the RAM for VPS to double for free… so we are now testing on 4 GB of RAM.

SAVE 50% on VPS for a weekly TEST of the fastest VPS with 4 GB RAM and 60 GB space. 7 days completely free and then 50% discount for BETA testers 🙂

You will receive a discount voucher for producing a report on the result of the testing.

Let’s keep going, let’s keep moving forward!

We’re catching the news. Some things go according to plan, some things go slower, but that’s okay. We still have plenty of work to do, and we still have a lot of ideas to come up with. We’re certainly not bored.

In a few days we will launch a new dedicated server offer, where we are a bit behind schedule due to hardware delivery delays. We’re bothered because of you (customers). Sorry, but you’ll see it soon.

Do you want to test the new HW we might buy?

At WEDOS we are always testing new servers. This time we got our hands on a really interesting and quite expensive piece that the supplier really trusts. Since we were told to do whatever we wanted with it (besides drown it in oil), we thought we’d make it available for you to test.

So, do you want to try the WEDOS VPS solution on the iron we may be buying that costs as much as a luxury car?

Do you want a VPS with 4 GB RAM for a week for free?

If your answer is yes, then do the following:

  • order 4 modular VPS with Linux on our website,
  • Don’t be scared of the price, testing is free,
  • a payment request with the order number will be created and sent to your email,
  • email us via the contact form in your customer administration that you are interested in testing a new VPS and add your order number,
  • Wait for the VPS to be set up and the call for payment to be cancelled (you definitely won’t pay anything for testing). Please be patient, this testing process is not fully automated (like our other services) so the VPS will be set up manually.


  • The test VPS has the same administration as a regular VPS. This is not testing a new service, but new hardware.
  • We do not set up VPS with Windows OS for tests, but only without OS or LINUX.

Keep writing your comments below this post on social media so we can react and iron out imperfections. After the end of testing 17. 3. 2014 23:59 (16.02.2014 23:59), send us a short report (just a few words), where you indicate how much you would possibly be willing to pay for the service per month and especially how satisfied you were with the performance.

It is important to note that this is testing without warranty. Anything can go wrong at any time and you could lose all your data, for example. We reserve the right to cancel and restrict this testing service at any time.

What is the new HW?

This is an HP server solution with hundreds of GB of RAM and many, many TB of space. We cannot provide more information at this time.

Until when can I test the VPS?

Testing takes place from 10. 3. 2014 to 17. 3. 2014 10.02.2014 to 16.02.2014. Then all data will be irretrievably deleted.

How many testers are you looking for in total?

The ideal number is 100. We want to see what the new hardware can take.

What can I do on VPS?

Anything that does not contradict our conditions for a classic VPS. Of course, we expect some overloading of the disks.

Can I use the data for my blog?

Of course, but please be lenient. It is a testing of new hardware and solutions, which is not yet common in our country. Moreover, all testers will definitely want to get the most out of VPS. We will also be doing some testing on the devices, including monitoring and measurement. The results may therefore be biased.

This VPS offer is awesome, I want to buy it. When will it be available?

That depends on the results of your testing 🙂