Commission system launched, commissions up to 50%


Today, a commission system for domains and web hosting was launched. Promote our services on your website and get a 5% commission on domains and 50% on web hosting you provide us.

The commission system provides the opportunity to earn money for placing orders for our services. It is intended for anyone who has a WWW site and places an advertisement for our services on it. For every order placed by a customer who has come through an advertisement on your site, you will receive a portion of our sales. The customer can place an order with us up to 90 days after the first visit (through your site) and you get a commission. So they don’t have to order immediately.

The amount of commissions according to the specific service:

  • domains 5%
  • web hosting 50%
  • virtual and dedicated servers 25% (since October 2010)
  • serverhousing 10% (since October 2010)

Commissions are on all fees paid for the operation of the service in the first year of its operation after its establishment. Commissions are always paid after the payment of the fee for the next period. With annual billing you will receive the commission for the entire year immediately, with monthly billing you will receive the corresponding commission portions monthly.

Examples of commissions

  • domain CZ in price 160 CZK, commission 8 CZK
  • web hosting – annual fee 180 CZK, commission 90 CZK
  • from December web hosting will be for 300 CZK per year, so commission 150 CZK

How to promote us

If you are already using our commission system to promote other services, just select additional ad categories for your advertising space:

  • Datacenter / Domains
  • Datacenter / Web hosting

If you don’t use us yet, please register and activate the system.

Further information