100.000 chats


On April 18th, our customer support handled the 100,000th chat.

Ever since WEDOS was founded, we have relied on this method of communication because we found it ideal for online support for hosting services. It allows easy authorization of the customer, because the customer logs in through his customer account. You can solve the problem peacefully through him. It doesn’t matter if you have the chat window open for a minute or half an hour. Our customer support can work with you step by step to resolve the situation even if you need to go to the bathroom or run an errand. Another great advantage is the possibility of copying whole pieces of text or inserting active links. In addition, you can have the entire communication emailed to you after it’s over, where you can easily look it up. These undeniable advantages are mostly appreciated by our customers.

A few interesting facts

  • In the time WEDOS has been in existence, a total of fifteen people have chatted on support.
  • In the early days of the company or during epidemics, you could even catch Josef Grill, the founder of WEDOS, in the chat room as a backup in case customer support was not up to speed.
  • The customer support department has a total of four people plus a manager.
  • There are four people ready to chat at peak times. Two colleagues from customer support and backup in the form of two more colleagues from technical support.
  • Each customer support colleague can handle up to several chats at once. Which is another indisputable advantage over the phone. Of course it’s years of practice 🙂
  • The whole system is built in such a way that if a colleague in customer support is not going to be able to keep up, chats are automatically assigned to people in the backup.
  • The Knowledge Base is regularly updated based on the most frequent queries and their solutions.
  • Applicants for the customer support position must have a general knowledge of all the most commonly used CMS and basic programming skills. Upon arrival, intensive training and training in other areas follows.
  • According to colleagues in support, men mess up more than women. Women also listen better to advice.
  • Customer support handles 150 – 300 chats per day.
  • The most common customer support request is: “I can’t access the web.” Only afterwards we solve the problem and very often it is related to moving the website from a competitor hosting to us. Colleagues will help sort everything out.
  • The second most frequent inquiry is of a commercial nature, when potential clients ask us about the terms of the move, instructions for the move and whether we will charge more, etc.
  • The least popular CMS for customer support is Prestashop.

If you have any problem try to give our chat a chance for sure. You’ll get used to it quickly and then you won’t want to replace it.

You can find us on the chat really NONSTOP, every day, every night and there are people who chat even at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. We are always available. Our chat is not just a marketing enticement, but a real problem-solving tool.