Phishing campaigns and what to watch out for

During the month of March, we saw two major phishing campaigns targeting our customers. The goal was to gain access to customer administration and email boxes. Thanks to the proactive approach of our customers, we were able to monitor both of these campaigns in detail and prevent the misuse of services by customer accounts that fell for cyber fraudsters.

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WEDOS stands for Ukraine!

At the very beginning of Russia’s war with Ukraine, we officially and publicly condemned this invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. Instead of a video from our server room, we put a big flying Ukrainian flag on our website. This flag was also put on our Russian website We have issued statements in Ukrainian colours on various subpages, we have prepared an article Ongoing cyber war may affect you too, get ready for it! and sent it to all our customers by email. We couldn’t stand by and each of us wanted to do something. At least help in some way and show your disapproval.

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